workshop Heartbeat of the Earth

Workshop Heartbeat of the Earth

Sunday 30 June 2019, 10am-4pm

Working languages English and Dutch

Explorative workshop during which we will spend the morning with artist Kuang-Yi Ku taking our pulse in the traditional Chinese way. We will process the results into Tarot cards in an ingenious manner. You are now able to use your pulse to predict the (alleged) future and you have learned to listen to the subtle signals of your body.

After lunch, Arita Baaijens and Corine Datema expand this experiment to the earth. Lying on the grass of the oldest city park of the Netherlands, the Plantage, you will listen to the heartbeat of the earth. Back in the studio you will transpose your experience to symbolic cards. With a little practice and imagination you can ask the earth questions and read the answers from the cards.

PS – During the workshop we playfully explore various ways of acquiring knowledge and the extent of the difference between objective and subjective observation.

Kuang-Yi Ku, artist, Taiwan
Corine Datema, graphic designer, NL
Arita Baaijens, explorer, biologist

€ 25 (including lunch)

Reservation is required via

Photography: Arita Baaijens