concert Fiumara and Strootman

Anthony Fiumara and Aart Strootman


  • Anthony Fiumara – Counting Eskimo Words for Snow (new Ketelfactory version for electric guitar)
  • Anthony Fiumara – For Aart Strootman
  • Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works (arrangements by Aart Strootman)
  • Laurence Crane – Bobby J

Anthony Fiumara’s music strives for immediateness and powerful eloquence. The essence of his work lies on the surface, in the physical experience of music without a doubt, or of what Fiumara calls ‘the skin of the sound’. Fiumara studied at the University of Utrecht. He works full-time as a composer, but is also a music journalist, radio maker and teacher. Since last year he has been senior lecturer in composition at the Fontys Conservatory and the first citycomposer of Tilburg. 

Guitarist and composer Aart Strootman bangs firmly on the doors of contemporary music. His view on musical genres and styles is novel and has a major influence on contemporary music. Strootman performs as a soloist and in ensembles such as Stargaze and his own band TEMKO. He worked with Helmut Lachenmann, Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Juliana Hodkinson and others. He composed music for F.C. Jongbloed, dissonArt Ensemble, TEMKO, Stargaze, Ramon Lormans and Nora Fischer.