concert indian music

Ad Groot and Toss Levy

Indian classical music

Visual artist Ad Groot and musician Toss Levy ‘breathe’ Indian classical music.

Ad Groot has spent a lifetime on the road with music and painting, ever in search of stillness. As of the age of 14 he plays the sitar. With this lyrical stringed instrument he renders the emotions that are so characteristic of the Indian khyal tradition. During his long stay in Paris, he trained, amongst others, under maestro Kushal Das.

The tabla represents the rhythmic aspects of northern Indian music. Toss Levy studied tabla at the Rotterdam Conservatorium. Later he led the Indian music course there. He learnt tabla under Ustad Lateef Ahmed Khan, Ustad Faiyaz Khan and Ustad Jamaluddin Bhartiya.

  • Raga Charukeshi
  • Alap – introduction (sitar)
  • Vilambit teental – slow composition in 16 counts
  • Sitarkhani – medium composition in 16 counts
  • Drut – fast composition in 16 counts