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‘The Journey’
De Ketelfactory

16 October 2021 - 16 January 2022

A new exhibition. Only this time, everything is different. Visitor turns to traveller, whose journey is guided in an extraordinary way, to celebrate De Ketelfactory’s 12.5 year anniversary. We travel through De Ketelfactory’s history and development. Not only De Ketelfactory’s exhibition space and building play prominent parts, but the journey will also include its location and surroundings. The point of departure lies in city park De Plantage. Here, the traveller can use an app to make their own private journey to De Ketelfactory. Information is presented to the traveller in myriads of ways. These may be historic and factual, or associative and poetic.

The location where De Ketelfactory is situated, and where so much has proven possible in the last 12.5 years, has multiple connections to Nolet Distillery. This context, including the mercenary, the factory, the mill and their warehouses across the water, are all part of the route.

First, however, the traveller journeys on foot through the entire building. A route has been designed to highlight De Ketelfactory’s specific perspectives and fascinations. Each space will stimulate the senses in a different way, spark the imagination or invite reflection, relevant to De Ketelfactory’s signature.

Various artists have been asked to design an installation or enter into a collaboration for specific spaces. These include Ton van der Laaken, Roland Schimmel and Winnie Teschmacher. Other artists exhibiting new work include Wineke Gartz, Elsa Hartjesveld, Aldo Hoeben and Kim Everdine Zeegers. Writer and explorer Arita Baaijens was asked to share her vision of De Plantage with the visitor.

Will you join us on our travels?

Free tickets available as of 1 October.