‘spring 2020’
50 artists

We remember 1968, the student revolution in Paris. We remember the Prague Spring, a foreshadowing, so full of anticipation, of the later glasnost. We remember the spring of 1979, with weather so severe that the Northern Netherlands were snowed in. How will we remember the spring of 2020?

In April this year, Winnie Teschmacher, director of project space De Ketelfactory in Schiedam, posed this question to all artists who have worked with De Ketelfactory in the past. How do you spend your time? What do you see? What are the memories that rise to the surface in the privacy of your studio, home and garden? How do you view the future, the world, life?
Fifty artists responded. Fifty artists created a cahier in which they reflect playfully and seriously, conceptually and anecdotally, in gossamer watercolour and stunning poetry, in photographs and in story, upon the spring of 2020, which was so very different and more intense than any we have experienced.

The result is an exceptional box of fifty beautiful booklets (mostly in Dutch), designed by Berry van Gerwen. The box can be ordered for a mere € 25 (plus possibly € 9,50 shipping costs, but the box can also be picked up at De Ketelfactory).

With cahiers from: Steven Aalders – Jasper van Aarle – Ryota Aoyagi – Frank Åsnes – Marjolijn van den Assem – Arita Baaijens – Joost Bakker – Hans van Bentem – Maria Blaisse – Frank Van den Broeck – Pieter Bijwaard – Robbie Cornelissen – Florette Dijkstra – Wineke Gartz – Berry van Gerwen – Loek Grootjans – Harry Haarsma – Harm Hajonides – Niek Hendrix – Madelon Hooykaas – Rens Horn – Sharon Houkema – Michael Kirkham – Diederik Klomberg – Juul Kraijer – Florian Krepcik – Mirjam Kuitenbrouwer – Christiaan Kuitwaard – Ton van der Laaken – Ton Mars – Wesley Meuris – Anna Mikhailova – Henk Olijve – Ton van Os – Olphaert den Otter – Pim Piët – Karin van Pinxteren – Emma van der Put – Ewoud van Rijn – Guus Rijven – Lon Robbé – Anke Roder – Roland Sohier – Winnie Teschmacher – Simon van Til – herman de vries – Aeneas Wilder – Kim Everdine Zeegers – Ronald Zuurmond – Ina van Zyl

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interview Winnie Teschmacher, radio Rijnmond, Erik Lemmers, 16 June 2020