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The Theatre of Memories
Niek Hendrix

30 September through to 24 December 2017

In our daily lives, we are overloaded with visual stimuli. Images determine an important part of our reality. They convey subconscious messages: some true, some not.

Niek Hendrix bases his paintings on existing images and places them in large cabinets. Through depicting and then organising the images, he tries to establish why certain images are created and in how they impact on us. How do we translate the message that an image is trying to convey, and why is it that we accept some, and not others? By combining a great variety of images, he causes different realities to clash, forging new connections. Connections which cause us to reconsider our view of truth and reality.

In De Ketelfactory, Niek Hendrix expands his monumental cabinets into an installation that fills the space.

Niek Hendrix (1985) studied at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, amongst other places. He took part in a number of group exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. Besides his practice as an artist, he is the founder and website author of ‘Lost Painters’ (since 2010).