Kester Freriks and Robert Vrakking

Kester Freriks

lecture and interview with Rob Vrakking

During his expedition in pursuit of silence in nature and art, writer Kester Freriks came across the Museum of Silence of curator and artist Robert Vrakking. For a period of ten years, Vrakking collected everything related to silence. He asked artists to create works of art around the theme of ‘silence’ and send these to him. In this way he built a beautiful collection. But the Museum of Silence ceased to exist and the collection disappeared ‘silently’ into the depot of the Osthaus Museum in Hagen, Germany. Over twenty years later, the mysterious collection was taken out of hiding by Winnie Teschmacher and Kester Freriks, and transported to Schiedam for the exhibition stil.

Kester Freriks will speak about his book Silence, space, darkness. Explorations of nature. This book is nominated for the Jan Hanlo Essay Award 2019. After his presentation, Kester Freriks will interview Robert Vrakking about the Museum of Silence.