Roosmarijn Pallandt

5 June - 25 July 2021

For her solo exhibition, Roosmarijn Pallandt (1977) transports the visitor to another world. A multidimensional installation in which everything moves, incessently, like breath – A-un in Japanese.
Since 2010 Pallandt has journeyed to remote areas, including Tibet, Peru, Mexico and Japan, where the elements determine the rhythm. Where she, in close contact with the local indigenous inhabitants, tries to capture the soul and their connection to the place. The earth to them is a living world, an ancient ensouled bond, wherein everything speaks, pulsates and vibrates. Man, animal, plant, water and light. Even the sound of time solidified in a mountain massif.
The exhibition comprises a series of autonomous works consisting of photographs, films, audio and woven fabrics from tree bark fibre which she created in close collaboration with local weavers. Typical of her work are the intense depth, the layers and the concentration. What that cosmic rhythm of A-un feels like becomes clear at De Ketelfactory.
The whole as a score of a magical place.
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video portrait


To complement the exhibition, the publication A-un will be published, with a text written by Frits de Coninck. The publication is bilingual (NL and EN) and will soon be available in our webshop.



Roosmarijn Pallandt. La métamorphose de la forme / Metamorphosis of Form – Rachel Morón in TLmag


press release (in Dutch)

interview with Cilia Batenburg, Programme ‘Onder Ogen’ at SCHIE TV, 10 March 2021 (in Dutch)