‘Pulsar Project’
Anna Mikhailova and Pim Piët

3 March 2013 - 28 April 2013

The exhibition ‘Pulsar Project’, by composer and musician Anna Mikhailova and visual artist Pim Piët, transforms the space of De Ketelfactory into a ‘pulsating’ environment in which music and (moving) images seek coherence and confrontation.

Since 2011 the two artists have been working on the project, which combines the use of sound, music, image sequences and film. This comprehensive work of art can experienced for the first time at De Ketelfactory. The ‘Pulsar Project’ deals with the themes of energy, rhythm and stratification. A pulsar can be defined as the inner rhythm which determines all processes in the world. It is the link between time and space. Not surprisingly, therefore, it serves as an inspiring idea in art. In this exhibition images, animation, sound and music undergo a confrontation with each other. Due to the abundance of impressions, the viewer’s sensory perceptions are put on edge. He or she becomes part of the artwork and can intervene, not only by entering the work but also by influencing the image and the sound.

Anna Mikhailova

Anna Mikhailova is a young, now world-famous Russian composer and koto player who focuses on collaborations and multimedia performances. For several years she has been living and working in the Netherlands. Recent projects of hers include the opera ‘Michele Frankenstein’ and ‘Pulsar Project’, which came about through a collaboration with Pim Piët.
At the opening of the exhibition, two ‘short stories’ from Anna Mikhailova’s composition ‘Pulsar Project’ will be performed by LFA – Letters From Abroad.

Pim Piët

In his paintings visual artist Pim Piët combines language with images. During the painterly process the two converge in what he calls ‘a form of visual poetry and reflection’. Language shifts into image and image into language, rendering it impossible to find stability within the whole. Such a point of fixation is even less detectable in the animated film and the work for phenakistiscope which he made for ‘Pulsar Project’. In these works, still images shifts into near-spatial film imagery.

video portrait

distillation ‘Pulsar Project’

Date: 31 March 2013
In collaboration with: Wim Hermsen, Samuel Vriezen and LFA – Letters From Abroad
This distillation was cancelled.

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