‘It can talk in any language in 384.400 kilometer’
Sarah Pichlkostner

28 January 2017 - 9 April 2017

For her second exhibition as guest curator art critic Lucette ter Borg invited the young Austrian artist for a solo exhibition at De Ketelfactory.

Sarah Pichlkostner

In Spring 2016 Sarah Pichlkostner (1988) exhibited an extraordinary ‘living’ installation in De Ateliers in Amsterdam. Visitors were invited for a stroll, an experiential journey past and across minimalistic sculptures and objects: a matress, a signal-post of some sort, metal wires, a hammock-type thing, walls to look straight through and much more. Everything thought to be lifeless, meaningless, was brought to life, lit up, warmed.
Of course we can all pretend to be fully autonomous — free in our space to decide, in the choices we make. Since French philosopher Bruno Latour revealed his ‘Actor Network Theory’, we’ve known that objects, but also pavements, station entrances, the size of windowframes and doors determine a large part of our behaviour. For her first solo exhibition, Pichlkostner transforms the spaces of De Ketelfactory into a live installation, which appeals to all of the senses. After visiting this solo, you will no longer think that objects and things are void of personality.


Date: 11 February 2017
In collaboration with: Marjolein Lanzing, Daniela de Paulis and Auke Hulst

At the Ketelkantine (near the Noletloodsen, at a 10 minutes’ walk from De Ketelfactory) Lucette ter Borg interviewed the guests.
Young philosopher of technology Marjolein Lanzing – affiliated to the Department of Philosophy and Ethics of Technical University Eindhoven — spoke, amongst other things, of the meaning of the individual in our digital era.
Interdisciplinary artist and ‘radio astronomer’ Daniela de Paulis – affiliated to the University of Amsterdam — explored the creative and philosophical possibilities of radio waves in the cosmos.
Auke Hulst, writer and singer-songwriter, focused on love in times of science fiction.
After the distillation Sarah Pichlkostner gave an introduction and a tour around her solo.


Date: 26 March 2017
With the cooperation of: Rebacca Nelemans

During this first Ketelsalon, topics related to current exhibitions at De Ketelfactory are explored and explained in depth for a wide audience. On this occasion Rebacca Nelemans gives a reading on the topic of reflection and projection in the arts.

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