Lon Robbé

11 September 2015 - 20 December 2015

At De Ketelfactory, Lon Robbé is devising an exhibition of work that stems from different periods, mutually forming a new connection. The works originate from photography, but have detached themselves from the instant of the shot, from sharpness and reproduction. Scale, space and time become deranged and pixels disengage from the image. The consequence is that the work loses the level of recognition that one might expect. The image shatters, only to return in a new, more dynamically physical cohesion. At times the proportions are so great that one deems oneself to be part of the same space.

On the upper floor, several film loops are projected at any one time. In these, one can regard the various movements and shifts attentively, yet the image remains intangible. It follows its own set of laws, leaving one with no option but to surrender.

To Lon Robbé, art is something one perceives with the entire body. Not as a definable representation, but recurrently and afresh, as an event in time.

Lon Robbé

Lon Robbé lives and works in Amsterdam. She exposed, among others, at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Kröller Müller Museum (Otterlo), Fries Museum (Leeuwarden), Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal (Leiden), Museum For Modern Art Arnhem (Arnhem) and Reuten Gallery (Amsterdam).

Regarding her work, she says: “Art is the matter of art history and in that sense also the wild, which, if it isn’t sufficiently defensible, will be captured and skinned. For an artist, a work that ceases to be a mystery, is in fact dead. It may be very beautiful, but it lacks the intangible air of living art, that needn’t always be beautiful. Art exists merely at the grace of the unknown and of a durable insolubility.

distillation ‘World Animal Day’

Date: 18 October 2015
In collaboration with: René ten Bos

Philosopher and organisational expert René ten Bos shares his views on the animal and the human being. To what extent do we allow space for the animal within ourselves? Do we try to analyse and improve it, or can we accept it as it is, in its own right? René ten Bos wrote a book on the subject: ‘The genius animal: an alternative anthropology’. Afterwards, an artistic film will be shown with ‘animals’ in the lead.

A video portrait of Lon Robbé will be shown, created by Kim Everdine Zeegers.

video portrait


Flying Colors is an artist’s booklet featuring works of Lon Robbé.

press release (in Dutch)