‘The Journey’
De Ketelfactory

16 October 2021 - 20 February 2022

We are open again as of 15 January & extension until 20 February!


We are pleased to invite you to be our travel companion for our final exhibition The Journey. This exhibition marks the end of De Ketelfactory’s existence. We celebrate this ending with an extraordinary final chord, and we’d love to do so with you.

The nature of the exhibition at De Ketelfactory – with a great deal of vulnerable and reflective work by artists such as Arita Baaijens, Wineke Gartz, Elsa Hartjesveld, Aldo Hoeben, Ton van der Laaken, Roland Schimmel, Winnie Teschmacher, Kim Everdine Zeegers and many others – does not allow for an official opening.

The Journey consists of three walks (audio tours, in Dutch), an exhibition (for which the building has undergone a complete metamorphosis), films, books and at the end of January a thunderous final party. De Ketelfactory – completely empty by then – will be filled with music, speeches, memories, looks to the future and last but not least: glorious food and drink.

The Journey begins

The wanderer, strolling from the centre of Schiedam to De Ketelfactory, passes the Koemarktbrug to reach the entrance of city park De Plantage. This is where part 1 of The Journey begins. You can choose between two different walks through the park: Audiotour A accompanied by Arita Baaijens and Audiotour B with Cilia Batenburg. (The audio tours last roughly 30 minutes and are also accessible at any other moment, if desired).

At the end of De Plantage, opposite the water, you will see De Ketelfactory.

The Journey continues

To maximise each visitor’s experience, it is only possible to visit part 2 of The Journey at De Ketelfactory by time slot. As soon as the light in the front door turns to green, you may enter through the entrance door at Hoofdstraat 42. Step inside and begin your journey through the building.

After this, part 3 of The Journey ensues. Cilia Batenburg, by means of Audiotour C, will guide you past the buildings and the mill that make up Nolet Distillery. Cross the water, across the Koninginnebrug. On the Buitenhavenweg you will pass the Nolet Warehouses, which housed the grand exhibition snapshot of a larger order in 2016. Past Nolet Distillery’s High-Bay Warehouse, you will find De Ketelfactory’s storage facility (Buitenhavenweg 54), where Winnie Teschmacher’s Dieptekijkers (Fathomers) are set up. To end our journey, you will be given a small token of our affection, to remember De Ketelfactory by.


video portrait


For this exhibition we have created a publication by the name of the Journey (De Reis), including texts by Ingrid van Santen, Florette Dijkstra and Winnie Teschmacher. A very special final publication, filled with images and stories. You will receive this for free when you visit the exhibition.