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'voorjaar 2020'(Spring 2020)

On Saturday July 18, 2020 we proudly presented our publication 'voorjaar 2020'. Now that we have arrived in the summer of this year, we look back on spring 2020, together with 50 artists. Each filled a 24-page booklet in their own way; these cahiers are bundled in a collection box. This exceptional box is for sale for a friendly € 25 and can be ordered here.

digital distillation Sum of the Parts - part of the exhibition dragon of the white

Where we had previously planned an afternoon of lectures and music in a theatre, we are now switching to a digital and written variant of this distillation. The goal of all Distillations is to add extra depth to De Ketelfactory’s exhibitions. This depth is mainly provided by the content of the programme, but also through coming together and exchanging questions and stories. Because we value this exchange greatly, we have organised a digital version of this, too.

The planned programme will literally be split into four sections, sent to you in four separate links.

As of Saturday the 31st of October you will receive a link each week to the Vimeo video of a lecture, including the matching password. Firstly to a lecture by Daan Kok from the National Museum of Ethnology: he will tell you everything about the exciting restoration of the Keiga folding screen. Subsequently, a lecture by Frits Gierstberg from the Photo Museum will take you through Guus Rijven’s work. Finally, Stan Rijven will treat you to some polyphonic gems of world music.

These three digital lectures will be dressed up with videos, music by Rumorosamente and introductions by Guus Rijven and Winnie Teschmacher. Additionally, we will provide you with the digital link to a video portrait of Guus Rijven, created by Kim Everdine Zeegers. You can view all of these at a time of your choice and from the comfort of your own chair.

For those who are interested, we conclude with a zoom conversation involving all of the speakers, Guus Rijven and yourself, the participants, on Sunday the 22nd of November. We will send you a link to the video call, which will take place from 4pm to 5pm. You will be given the opportunity to send in questions per email in advance. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions or start a conversation during the zoom meeting.

Send an email with your address details to info@deketelfactory.nl before the 30th of October. For just € 15 you will receive our publication dragon of the white as well as the links and passwords.

tour 'dragon of the white'

Saturday 14 November 2020, 14.00-15.15 hrs.

Guide Cilia Batenburg takes you through the exhibition. The tour is free, sign up via info@deketelfactory.nl.

finissage tour 'dragon of the white'

Sunday 20 December 2020, 14.00-15.15 hrs.

Guide Cilia Batenburg takes you through the exhibition on this last day. The tour is free, sign up via info@deketelfactory.nl.