Exclusively for the Friends of De Ketelfactory

Three cultural organisations in Schiedam: De KetelfactoryStedelijk Museum Schiedam en de Stichting KunstWerkt are organising a joint activity for their Friends this summer. They are doing so to bring their own Friends in contact with other Friends, but also to introduce them to interesting locations they may not have visited before.

The ultimate goal is to strengthen Schiedam’s ‘cultural humus layer’!

What’s the plan on Saturday, July 13th?

We start at De Ketelfactory (Hoofdstraat 44). Entry from 1pm. Coffee, tea and a snack await you. You have the opportunity to visit the exhibition “stil“.

At 2pm, we begin our walk through the beautiful Plantage, under the inspiring guidance of tree expert Huib Sneep. He will point you to the many special trees and shrubs, each bearing their own story. And did you know that no fewer than 10 works of art can be discovered in the park?

You are expected from 3pm at the museum on the Hoogstraat. A refreshing drink will be waiting for you and you can visit the following exhibitions (free of charge):

  • Masterly women (runs until 8 September)
  • From CoBrA to drilling oil (runs until 6 October)
  • Rothko & I (runs until 5 January)
  • Erik Mathijssen and In de Hoogstraat (runs until 6 October)

At 4.30pm we move on to KunstWerkt at Boterstraat 81, where the exhibition “Uninhabited rooms” can be visited (runs until 14 July). At 5pm curator Zhanhong Liao will give a performance with Zhifei Chang, especially for the Friends!

We will conclude with a drink and snacks.

And that is not all! Each of the organisations has made a gift available especially for all Friends. To thank you for your support, we are happy to offer you a special goodybag.

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