‘People, Passions, Places…’
Hans van Bentem

21 November 2010 - 30 January 2011

Hans van Bentem has magically transformed De Ketelfactory into one big work of art, comprised of objects from his versatile collection of artifacts. The exhibition space has become a ‘world’ in which all sorts of art objects, from all sorts of places, encounter each other.

Several bedecked walls serve as ‘sounding boards’. On them the works of three Special Guests – Woody van Amen, Harma Heikens and Milan Kunc – are shown in combination with work by others. The essence of the exhibition is, in the words of Bentem, ‘the mental construction that enables an artist to create his work.’ For this he surrounds himself with work that inspires him and provides him with an affirmation of his choice of approach. The interior of the artists’ space as a mirror of the soul.

With ‘Special Guests’: Woody van Amen (NL), Harma Heikens (NL) and Milan Kunc (CZ). Also on view is work by: Camara Gueye (Senegal), Ralph van Meijgaard (NL), Karel Goudsbloem (NL), Yulong (CN), Adriaan Rees (NL), Herman Makkink (NL), Peter Saul (USA), Gert Arntz (NL), IRIS (NL), Arno Coenen (NL), Luis Pablo Bolivar (Spanje), Denis A. Gomis (Senegal), Luuk Bode (NL), Liu Liguo (CN), Luo Zhenghong (CN), Wan Liya (CN), Ewout van Rijn (NL), Norman Trapman (NL), Florentien Haak (NL), Jos Hachmang (NL), Vincent de Pater (NL), Walton Ford (VS) and others.

Hans van Bentem

Hans van Bentem established his reputation in monumental sculpture, mainly involving public space. His search for traditional, craftsmanly materials in which to tell his stories brought him to, among other places, the Czech Republic (for crystal), India (for bronze), China (for porcelain) and Morocco (for copper work). He considers the subjects of his sculptures more important than the style: the same stories can be portrayed in many ways. Ceramics, glass, bronze and anything that sets off his passion will be used by him to create a sculpture.

The exhibition at De Ketelfactory contains elements of what Van Bentem has produced and experienced over the past twenty years. ‘Modern’ iconoclasm. The title ‘People, Passions, Places’ clearly indicates that the work of friends who are artists constitutes part of his world. On view are works by more than thirty artists. About this he says: “They are my context, and I like an explosion of ideas.” His sphere of activity now extends to the studios of artists in China, India, Senegal and the Czech Republic.

distillation ‘Hans in China’

Date: 16 January 2011
In collaboration with: Melle Hendrikse and Hans van Bentem

Melle Hendrikse on contemporary art in China
Melle Hendrikse speaks on the development of modern Chinese art and on the practical exhibition opportunities of contemporary Chinese artists. In 2008 she founded C-Space, in Beijing in China, with the goal of setting up international exhibitions and exchanges between artists from China and Europe. Hans van Bentem is one of the artists she works with.

Hans van Bentem in China
Hans van Bentem holds a presentation and a lecture on his intensive and inspiring periods of work in China.

video portrait

publication (in Dutch)

From quotes by Hans van Bentem:
“I am an art consumer: I look and see an awful lot. Sometimes I would like to see with an open mind, without the occupational habit that makes me wonder: how was it made and would I want to make this?”
“Inspiration? The world is one big playground, a large candy shop. I relish looking around me all day long. There’s nothing as satisfying as a tacky thrift shop. And even in a chaotic supermarket I can still enjoy how items are organised. It’s fantastic, what man creates! Those attempts, all of the inability that shines through. It’s that ugliness, the grotesque that I love just as much.”

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