‘Trinitas Highway’
Jasper van Aarle, Wineke Gartz and Florian Krepčik

23 February 2014 - 27 April 2014

Guest curator: Florette Dijkstra

A year after her exhibition ‘unexpressive’, Florette Dijkstra has curated a new presentation, ‘Trinitas Highway’, which involves a great deal of moving images as well as objects and installations.

De Ketelfactory has been a ‘guesthouse’ for artist-in-residence Wineke Gartz. For a period of roughly ten days, she has moved her studio to Schiedam. With an explosion of drawings, materials, video images, texts and colored surfaces, she linked her world with that of De Ketelfactory. By doing so she has created an intriguing artist’s settlement.

Florian Krepčik built a cinema space in which his new film takes the viewer into the world of gaming, Italian film history and alienating narratives.

Jasper van Aarle has created a double presentation. While installing his exhibition, he brought in many works and made well-considered choices that offer insight on his great fascination with the ‘everlasting genesis’ of everything that exists.
At the opening a new edition of KUNSTWORDTTERUGKUNST was presented: a beautiful artist’s book by Jasper, which deals with every facet of his work. Midway through the exhibition period, he changed the installation, and before long there appeared an installation showing the points of departure of all his works, in all of their variations.

The visitor to this exhibition enters three worlds, each of which aims to let the person leave with a greater sense of self-awareness and a greater awareness of the world.

Specially in connection with this exhibition, Florette Dijkstra will be giving a series of lectures, titled ‘Kunst op leven en dood’. (Life-and-death art)

Jasper van Aarle

Jasper van Aarle creates, draws and writes his way through life, using his experience as a map and his imagination as the realm to be explored. In order to make that metaphor concrete, he has turned the things from his journey of survival into physical symbols that allow others to become somewhat familiar with the turbulence that we face as thinking beings. The core of his work shown at De Ketelfactory is his new publication ‘Abstractacadabra/BinnensteBuiten‘, in which he has captured his quest for the ‘never-ending genesis’ of words and images. A dense little book full of semi-scientific discussions, annotations, sketches and a visual archive.

Wineke Gartz 

Wineke Gartz is best known for her drawings and multimedia installations that she often assembles for a specific situation. In her archaic settings she combines, among other things, video projections, collages, glass, mirrors, light and music to form a single entity with the architecture. Her works couple light and dark, love and death. At De Ketelfactory she crosses the border between the inner and the outer worlds, partly by projecting videos onto the windows of the exhibition space. Her work is never the same; each visit to her installation will give rise to a different impression.

Florian Krepčik

Florian Krepčik is a film artist. He explores spaces (from storage closets to virtual video-game cities) and frees them of their identities. That leads to films in which Krepčik shows these spaces as absorbed worlds. Due to his conscious use of music and time, the familiar takes on unusual characteristics. The question is not only what we see, but mainly how we see. At De Ketelfactory he is showing an exciting sequel to his debut film ‘Is it real love? Of course not!‘.

cycle of lectures

In four lectures, spread out over four evenings, artist and writer Florette Dijkstra speaks about her search for the sources of art. She explores the connection between art, life and death, and how ‘human’ art really is. And what can we predict about the future of the image? Using works of writers, philosophers and fragments of image and film, she takes us to an area where language quiets and the image darkens. ‘Trinitas Highway’ is the third exhibition she creates as guest curator of De Ketelfactory.

distillation ‘Crossroads’

Date: 13th April 2014
In collaboration with: Patricia Pisters and Alex de Vries

For the three artists in ‘Trinitas Highway’, ‘film’ is an important medium. All three apply it in a different manner. It begs the question of how ‘film’ functions in contemporary art.

Patricia Pisters on the connection between film and art
Patricia Pisters, writer and professor of film studies (University of Amsterdam), tells the great story of the connection between film, cinema and art, using the work of, amongst others, director Alfred Hitchcock and that of the artists in this exhibition.

Alex de Vries on ‘artists’ worlds’
Artists create entire ‘worlds’ spectators truly have to ‘enter’. The three artists in ‘Trinitas Highway’ are typical creators of such ‘worlds’. They entice you to, each in their own way. How far do these worlds stretch? And what happens when you enter them – do you ever come out unscathed?
Writer, consultant and publicist Alex de Vries speaks about the ‘worlds’ of artists that fascinate him personally and play a large role in his professional practice.

Florian Krepčik: ‘Is it real love? Of course not!’
A screening of the film ‘Is it real love? Of course not!’ by Florian Krepčik. With this film Florian Krepčik won the TENT Academy Award and the Lucas prize 2013.

video portrait

publication (in Dutch)

From the text by Florette Dijkstra: “Behind each poem and work of art looms Mnemosyne. Wherever there is memory, she is. Once she’s touched you, you remember her forever. She names things, allowing the invisible to appear and people to communicate. Without her, each spoken word would be instantly forgotten. There would be no relay, no society. It simply could not develop. Mnemosyne: the world’s memory.”

articles (in Dutch)

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